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Author’s Note: Real life interfered a lot with this update so expect the second half + another update on Sunday.

No one took the bait.

Her fault for using outdated plans made years ago. He was a smart man but he couldn’t predict what would happen. If he could, he would be here leading his organization. The irony of Creed’s organization not being run by Creed never escaped her.

He was gone now. Cameron didn’t want to say dead because she never found a body but he did disappear on the same day of the hostile takeover of his organization.

When she took care of her own personal vendetta then she’d track him down wherever he was hiding.

It was the deal she made with him a long time ago. He would get her the revenge she wanted if she worked for him. Creed may not have been around anymore to help but she still had access to some of his resources. The current leader of his organization didn’t like her but Creed always suspected something like this might happen to him. He had safe houses stocked with weapons, equipment, and money placed all over the world, one of them was in Avocet.

Cameron had checked the one in Avocet after she realized what happened. He hadn’t been there nor were there signs he had used it recently. When it became obvious Creed wasn’t coming back anytime soon, she took over the safe house, turning it into her own base of operations.

On the outside, it was a nice looking red brick house. Once upon a time, it was used as a church by one of those weird groups that worshiped superhumans. They couldn’t afford to keep it open so it had been left abandoned until Creed bought it and cleaned the place up. It was a little out of the way, sitting in the outskirts of town surrounded by a small forest the church had planted years ago to give them more privacy.

The floors above ground were pretty ordinary for an abandoned house, most of the furniture gone and what remained was covered in a thick layer of dust. On the lower levels were where all the good stuff was. The lowest level was just one big room.

A long sturdy metal desk with a shelf above it for two of the five computer monitors neatly positioned. All kinds of weapons and armor hung on racks and shelves throughout the room.

Cameron sat down in the big leather chair in front of the desk and turned on the computer. Creed was really fond of these classic villain chairs. If only she owned a cat.

The new guy running Creed’s organization wasn’t one to pounce on any perceived weakness, apparently. She was going to need to do something a little more drastic to get him to act.

Creed’s organization and the Automatons were the two top dogs of Avocet but a few criminals operated on the outskirts of town, far enough away from the tourist areas that they didn’t bother to drive them off. The criminals those two did run out of town sometimes moved to the next city over, about an hour’s drive from Avocet. With the right incentive, anyone from those areas would go up against the Automatons. If the Automatons were to be taken down it would open up a lot of territory then they would be able to try their hand at seizing a bigger slice of the pie for themselves.

Creed had dealt with many of them in the past and that meant he had a nice little evil address book on his computer. Some of them would obviously not work anymore but hopefully not everyone decided to change their phone numbers.

She scrolled through the list.

Phantom, the Coming Storm, Gladwell, the True Gods, the Reckoning… It went on and on. A lot of these groups and people weren’t even anywhere close to Avocet. Creed was very much a people person.

If she remembered right, the Coming Storm were a group of vigilantes too idealistic to join up with the government. She pulled up a page on them from the internet. The internet tended to be wrong about the little details but she just needed the broad strokes about who they were, what they wanted, and how they operated.

Like she thought, the Coming Storm were a group of idealistic vigilantes though they considered themselves activists. They thought the government was basically the devil incarnate, full of people whose first and only concern was money. The Coming Storm weren’t the peaceful type of activists that made signs and asked people to sign petitions. If the world wasn’t going to change, they were going to force it to. It attracted quite a few young people eager to make the world a better place.

It wouldn’t be impossible to get them to attack the Automatons but they probably wouldn’t listen to her if she contacted them as Creed’s protégé. Doing it as Point Blank was out of the question. She couldn’t contact them as a random nobody either or they’d just ignore it.

She had the same problem with most of the people on these lists. She had Creed’s stuff but she wasn’t him. She couldn’t convince people like he could, didn’t have people that owed her favors. No one was going to try and attack the Automatons unless they had a grudge against them or wanted to hand the city over to Creed’s organization. Creed’s organization would and could steamroll over a weakened Automatons and most groups trying to make a play.

Mercenaries were an option, she supposed. This place had cash along with her own stash she had kept hidden from Klein and the SAA. Hiring anyone decent would clean out her savings and that wasn’t a bridge she wanted to burn yet.

Cameron leaned back in the chair and groaned.

Why did everything have to be so complicated? She just wanted him to suffer like she had, for the world to be a little fairer than it was. She would have stormed the Automaton’s main base and take out their leader herself if she knew where it was.

She had hoped Creed’s organization or the SAA would find it once the fighting got underway.

Maybe if the Automatons committed some kind of atrocity the SAA would bring in reinforcements to take them down for good. There was precedent for it. They were too smart to do that, if she wanted to go down that route she would have to do something horrible and then attempt to frame the Automatons for it.

Too many issues with that idea.

Man, having Creed here with her would have made things so much easier.

Just having him here with her would have been nice.

Cameron climbed out of the chair. She hoped coming here might suddenly inspire her, give the exact thing she needed to use against the Automatons.

It obviously wasn’t going to happen right now. Sometimes you can’t force ideas to come and she didn’t have time to sit around and think all day. She had other obligations.

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